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About Us

My name is Sarah, I am a publicity consultant with a difference.

I have recently ‘switched on, tuned in, woken up’ to join those who are bringing light and love to this earth.

I want to normalise what it means to be a heart-centred individual, in this day and age.   I also want to help heart-centred businesses, and like-minded souls spread their word through the power of social media and public relations.

With 20 years of PR, business communications and social media experience, my path towards spiritual enlightenment started back when I was about 8 or 9. I used to spend a lot of time playing with crystals, dancing and being in nature. Unfortunately, that went on hold, post teenage years while I ‘dimmed’ to fit in – finding the right boy, the right friends, the right look.

Post the birth of my two beautiful children, I hit rock bottom through PND and whilst down there I found my path again. Through Reiki, clairaudience, meditation (lots of mediation) and through my writing,  I am embracing my truth.Which is to use the skills I have gathered over these past 20 years  to help other heart centred business owners communicate their messages.

I have the skills and business acumen to help you to communicate your messages to mainstream media and via social media. So, if you require support on an adhoc project or just to get you started please don’t hesitate to contact  me to find out more.